Where to find the best deals on furniture for a tiny house

The tiny house revolution

Single and older people are opting to let go of their huge, expensive to maintain and keep houses for a life in a tiny one.Tiny house communities are popping up all over the states which allow for more and more new business opportunities to service them.  Such as customizable furniture stores, Tiny houses kit sellers, materials, etc.

The best way to outfit your tiny home is to find an interior design expert to help you come up with smart ways to maximize your space while not compromising on your comfort or putting a hole in your pocket.

As we cannot all afford those designers or have interior design friends Fabs Deal has looked around for some truly innovative stores that provide solutions for these teensy tiny dwellings.

Where to find cheap furniture for a tiny home

Expand Furniture
Expand Furniture offers furnishing ideas for tiny homes that the owners probably had not yet thought of.

From smart wall beds that double up as seating and storage, convertible coffee tables and wall sofa beds this company has it all. They may be Vancouver based but they offer worldwide shipping at really good rates.  But be warned their furniture is a bit pricey compared to other tiny home furniture stores.  Their draw is their truly remarkable furniture innovations designed to maximize the space of any tiny home.

This companies name says it all as their innovative furniture and home designs for tiny houses is remarkable.  And they are affordable, incredibly stylish and will transform the look of a tiny house. Their showpiece for their innovative ideas can be seen at the New York Cities first ever micro-apartment development, Carmel Place.  Some of their ideas include a rising coffee table, pocket chairs and a sofa wall bed.

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