Is it okay to buy a previously owned mattress?

Is it okay to buy a used mattress?

If you are always on the hunt for a good deal and love antiques you have probably on more than one occasion thought about second-hand bedroom items.  That thought probably also led to you wonder “Is it okay to buy a used mattress?“ A mattress is not like a second car, nightstand or even a bed frame!  It is more like a very personal item or likened to that of buying second-hand clothes.  It depends on the state of the mattress and how the previous owner looked after it.

3 Reasons do not buy a used mattress

#1 You do not know what state it is in
If you do not know the previous owner or how they live you will not know how the mattress was cared for.  Keeping in mind, unlike furniture items where they are polished and or cleaned usually every day or at least a few times a week, mattresses are an item most people tend to just cover with a sheet, mattress protector, etc.

Most are not washed or steamed as often as they should.

It could be damaged or infested with some sort of bugs.

#2 It has a shorter useful life expectation
It may seem like a good idea at the time but when a person buys a mattress it is usually to keep for a good few years to come.

That is why shopping for a mattress usually takes a bit of time as we need to be sure we buy the right one that will last us.

Buying a new one allows a person to determine the materials it was made from and the newer ones are made with better quality materials than a second-hand one might be.

#3 Personal comfort
A used mattress has been moulded to the previous owner’s shape and sleeping pattern. As our mattress is where we will spend one-third of our life on we need it to fit us like a perfect glove.  To mould and support our bodies so we get a good quality of sleep and enough hours of it.A used mattress will be moulded to its previous owner’s optimum sleep style.

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